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FD 310

Latest addition to the FD Series Robotic Fluid Dispenser lineup from Aim Robotics.
Uses compressed air to feed the dosing pump without affecting the dosing quality.
Designed for Silicones, Acrylics, Adhesives, Polymers and many other fluids that come in classic 310ml cartridges. Proven +/- 1% repeatability with Dowsil 7091


FD High-V

The FD Series Dispenser for high volume applications. Uses an external feed system for feeding the dosing pump. Works great with light to high viscosity fluids.
Maintains modular design – allows to switch to FD 310 or FD 400 easily. *Food Safe.


FD 400

The Original Aim Robotics Dispenser – FD400 – no use of air, all-in-one system.
Design to work with 400ml/gr grease cartridges with automatic dosing speed increase while dispensing. (+/- 10% repeatability, better possible with additional fluid testing)
Can be adapted to take 310gr/ml cartridges for use with easy flowing fluids (acrylics, some silicones)


Dispenser Features

The FD Series Material Dispensers use screw pump principle to dispense medium to high viscosity fluids precisely and with high reproducibility.

Built for collaborative robots


  • Native Universal Robots support
  • Single 8-pin connector – no need for air lines nor extra bulky power cables
  • Suitable for robots with payload of 3kg and up


Easy to use


  • Plug&Dispense™ – up and dispensing in under 10 minutes
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all Aim Robotics Dispensers
  • Patented SteadyFlow™ technology ensures synchronous flow with robot TCP speed


Quality Control


  • AirLess Technology™ by Aim Robotics ensures minimal flow variation
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all Aim Robotics Dispensers
  • Automatic error detection and operator alert


Exchangeable Auger Screws

3 different size auger screws allow FD Series dispensers to be the perfect fit for most applications:


  • 5mm pitch – used when either additional inherit flow resistance is required and/or a finer deposit rate control is required. Lowest flow rate.
  • 7.5mm pitch – appropriate for most applications. Inherit resistance and material flow are moderate.
  • 10mm pitch – used when high flow rates and low resistance to flow are required.

FD Series SteadyFlow™ Material Dispensers

5 650,00 €Pris
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