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The Nordbo Active Compensation unit (NAC) assures a constant applied force, regardless of the complexity of the surface curvature, processing speed and orientation of the tool. Sensors inside the product register the contact with the workpiece, keep the applied force constant and enable a soft landing to ensure that the part is not being over-processed while in first contact with the processing tool. The NAC can be used either as an end-of-arm tool on a robot or as a standalone component.


Consistent quality output

The pressure on the tool flange is actively kept constant on the configured force which results in an consistent and high quality output.


Increased productivity

Fast changes in curvature are compensated by the stroke of the NAC which enables an higher processing speed and results in an increased overall productivity of your processing application.


Easy configuration

Pressure and other settings are configurable through the integrated webserver which is accessible over ethernet using your laptop or phone.


Consistent force control

No matter of complexity of the surface curvature, this technology is able to automate both operations sensitive to contact, and applications with various tolerance levels, in a simple, reliable and economical manner, in turn offering our clients a powerful tool to increase competitiveness on the market.


One robot, multiple tasks

The NAC is designed for both as an end-of-arm mount on a robot or as a standalone component. The rectangular shape offers easy and stable installation possibilities. The compact design makes NAC the lightest compensation unit on the market with a total weight of only 2.6 kg.

NAC Aktiv kompensation

9 000,00 €Pris
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