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Meet the Palletizing Solution



Three easy steps for all ISO-certified pallet sizes.
Adapts easily to your production schedule—so no need to stop your production line for hours.



Earn an ROI faster. How? Optimized, synchronized motion control of the cobot and seventh axis create an unparalleled cycle times.



With total compatibility between elements, you get a small footprint that fits existing floorplans.

No external PC required.



Because safety is a paramount, we’ve built an environment for safe integration and we support third-party safeguard devices.


Automatically generate and optimize all trajectories and robot movements, using only the info below:

  • #1 Box dimensions, weight and orientation

    Handle payload up to 16 kg

  • #2 Pallet dimensions

    Select your pallet depth and width. Our solution can handle all the ISO standards.

  • #3 Pallet configuration

    Create your pallet layout to automatically generate optimized trajectories.


Evaluate product fit with our online configurator.

Enter basic info about your process to find out if it's compatible.
We'll also provide key indicators for your process!


Try the configurator

Palletizing Solution

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