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  • Program complex tasks the easy way.
  • Unlock force-sensitive applications.
  • Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility.
  • Unleash your force torque sensor’s full potential.
  • Master force control in no time.


Force Copilot is an intuitive software to operate the e-Series’ embedded force torque sensor. Program complex robot movements in minutes—no robotics expertise needed. The result is a reliable and flexible robot cell.


Force Copilot uses the e-series' embedded force torque sensor data along with the following features to allow the programming of complex force-sensitive applications in minutes :

  • ActiveDrive toolbar
  • Path recording node
  • Zero FT Sensor node
  • Insertion node
  • Find Surface node
  • Force Control node
  • Force Event node
  • Collision Detection node
  • Multipoint Path node

Force Copilot

1 655,00 €Pris
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